24 October 2017

gym time

So I went back to the gym 
Planet Fitness

This bike has no middle bar 
And I can actually do it!

This treadmill went really slow.
BUT,  I did it!
Also did arm weights and some ball lifting.
Not just isolated joints and movement machines.

The Snake Diet found me at 
Just the right time! (link)
I was ready to do some fasting.
I have already been doing Intermittent Fasting.
But it just wasn't enough.

I was so dizzy and weak this summer, 
I was not getting enough electrolytes....
And drank so damn much water, 
I was flushing my existing electrolytes out!
Lose/ lose. 
But no more!

My Blood Glucose numbers are down.. and normal.
Even with fasting... which is a sign of healing.
My fist few fasting attempts raised my BG
Into the 130 range. Hmmmm.

I have more energy for walks with my patients 

This is Crazy Water compared to Evian 

I bought 10 gallons in Mineral Wells the other day.

I have been fasting since Friday. 
That will be 96 hours from when I break the fast. 

I am at 156 today. Down 14 pounds this month. 
About one pound out from before I broke my leg!
I feel so good, I am going to keep at it!
I know its time to break the fast. 
I'm cold inside, and need a sweater!

Snake On! 

23 October 2017

cat chow

Hot Snake Juice

This Fasting Focused Lifestyle
AKA The Snake Diet (link)
Is really agreeable with my mind and body.
Here is cat food (raw beef heart) 
And some Nurse Chow...
An ounce of so of Summer Sausage and Cheese

17 October 2017

out of gas

Going from Portland to Boston, we drove down the coast.
And just stopped wherever we saw fit!
It was such a healing trip!

I came home to resume my duties as a Home Health Nurse
And a patient is sitting there, eating ice cream!
In the middle of my Diabetic Teaching!
I just realized "That Was Enough."

Went to fix the lawn mower. 
Three guys said it wouldn't start.
Guess What?
No Gas. 
How could 3 so-called experts miss this?

Enough enough enough !
So I changed. Right then and there.

Life is never easy.
But simple? Maybe it could be more simple.

My Blood Glucose numbers were still high 
Even after having a Zero Carb meal.
Must be the protein. 
And cortisol from caffeine . 

Whilst fasting my numbers are much better - with no spike.
Bound to be much better for my h A1C.

Think about this.
If you eat 3 meals a day, and your BG rises for 2 hours PP,
You might be spending any where from 6 to 9 hours a day (or more)
With a high BG reading. 
Even though you are strict LC.

Good sleep is so important. 
I bought a new mattress... 
I was liking sleeping on Memory Foam.
So I went back to that.

So think about the money and time I save by fasting.

Shopping for food, prepping food, cooking food,
Eating food, cleaning up after meals,
One meal a day skipped would save like 2 hours -

And the money! 
Although I am not fasting to save money or time.
I am doing to reset something in my body 
That needs a break for heavy food.

So far, so good!
I find fasting to be very compatible with my needs for now.