19 April 2018

cleanup day

Not sure what this is called
But it was delish. 
And East African dish. 

I got a 2nd Hijab
For my darker color scrubs 

I spent all day cleaning. 
All day. 

And lawn care. 
Bending over at least 100 times
To pick up fallen branches. Etc. 

Let’s end the day with a nice film. 

A film about whiskey. 

happy little posters


Went to FaceBook to harvest some memes. 
I think I did ok 
For a beginner. 

18 April 2018

flying colors

Back to eating once or twice a week
Ready for my blood work and Dexa Scan
And oh yeah- vacation!

Not pictured- 2 small egg rolls. 
And Hosein Sauce. 
It rhymes with”poison.”  
WAY too much sugar. 
It’s just like eating candy. 
And about a cup of rice. 

So let’s do the numbers! 
One hour PP. 

Two hours PP. 
I didn’t expect this. 
This is starch, sugar, 
Protein and some fat. 
My first test on a mixed meal. 
Before, I’ve only tested 
isolated food groups. 

It took 3 hours to fall. 

This morning, bright and early 

Got my steps in like a good nurse!

Boring is good! 
It’s how we win the “reset game”
Snake On!