20 March 2018

9 years and counting

This always makes my day. 
I was not afraid, and I did 
what had to be done. 
Good times. 

Had a meal yesterday 
This was before bed

I am the Great Cornholio! 

This is about 16 hours fasting
It’s a little high and I think
I am a little dehydrated. 
The blood is concentrated 
As you can see by the H & H

So I gave away all the super big clothes. 
These were just Larges. 
But still. 
My shape /size has changed 
even though my weight is lower. 
Probably from lack of training 
From when I broke my leg. 
Can’t wait to see what’s next! 

19 March 2018

tip your server

Worked late last night...
I work about 65 hours a week
Plus an hour commute both ways. 
(Sometimes more!)
So I’m Uber Busy about 78 hours a week. 

Working late again tonight 

Seems like a good day for a meal. 
I was eating twice a week
But tried to go only once a week. 
Maybe it’s easier when you have more reserves. 

Get a little sun waiting for delivery. 
Lunch was an afterthought. 
I brought nothing with me but Snake Juice and water. 

I gained like 3 pounds from eating those Jelly Beans!
I can have anything I want. 
But I WANT to stay Low Carb. 

So back to throwing off the bun 
And skipping the fries. 
Because who wants to tempt fate? 
No me!

I am such a lightweight. 
I couldn’t even eat half! 

It’s also a very good idea 
To not look at “Food Porn”
When you’re fasting. 
Fasting is hard enough. 
Why torture yourself? 

Also took a walk today. 
Maybe 1200 steps. 
I’ve been doing Isometrics 
And Body Weight mini workouts
At work. Plus I do try to stand more. 

Crazy- isn’t it?
Always back to Day One. 

18 March 2018

first position

Thrird Position. 
Note the feet!

Getting my Range Of Motion back
Bit by Bit!

My weekends are now filled with pediatric cases. 
In this case, the sister wants to do ballet. 

Yesterday we hit balloon back and forth. 
Any involvement is good involvement 
With some of these kids! 

So the Super Dee Duper Fast
Has started. As of last night. 

So many of my friends are Snaking. 
Some of them do it “better” 
And get good results. 
Some - much better than me! 

So get your thinking cap on! 
And get your notebook out! 
We’re going to figure out some clues!