24 February 2017


As far as shoes go, I really don't have that many.
I don't wear them out as much as I did when I was heavier.

My helper

An impromptu half day off
Went to CostCo

So its been a while since I have cooked at home

Let's make Crack Slaw!

Back to making enough food for the next few days

Not just good - but really darn good!

And who knows. 
I might have a morning off to have a cup of coffee
On the deck!


22 February 2017

color my world

My new place is filled with color, and art, and whimsey.

I just left most things in place -
I thought it would feel like I lived in an AirB-n-B rental,
But it does not. It feels like a nice home.
My new housemates have gone out of their way
To make sure I feel perfectly at home. 

This is my contribution 

Motion-sensitve color-changing toilet lights!

Mid Century Deco

My daily commute.
You KNOW I love Downtown Dallas!

More junk at work. Ugh.

I think I have solved the mobile app nursing problem.
This Apple iPad is touch sensitive 
AND can hook up to a keyboard....
As well as wifi and dial up.

No more working on notes till late late at night!
If I intend to keep my Home Health job, 
This is imperative.

I got my new driver's license in the mail yesterday!
So now it is official. YAY!

Once the internet speed gets up graded, 
I will be all set! 
No one here is a big Data Junkie like me.

20 February 2017

ahhhh - at last

3 weeks in, and I am finally unpacking

Drawer lining is the first 
Rite Of Passage at any new place

FINALLY did laundry at my new place!

Out and about 

This is why I don't like to go out to eat.
Half Price Wings at Wingstop on Tuesday.
They charged full price.
And they were burned little nubs.

THIS is more like it.
Avocado Burgers at Cindy's

With a Salad

Here's my Salad. 
(Just kidding)

New Co-Worker

New Buddy - there are two cats 
At my new place.

He is going to help me with my unpacking, no?

Now - to find my hair products!

18 February 2017

take five







What a week! Two weeks! It was it three?
I've moved and am just now getting set up 
In my new place. First- to find the computer. 
Then- two socks that match. 
Or not. 

The more I blog, the better I do
Even when I must blog on my phone. 
It's like a journal- that I am willing to share. 

Thanks for reading! 

26 January 2017

goodnight moon

I feel like a carnival person

But oh well - I  kinda like it!

I spent some time finding things, 

And taking them home 

Somethings you need... some I guess you just want

I mean... I guess you could sit there on the floor... 
Looking around an empty cell...

My friends in real life and I 
Have totally different views on "stuff"

Well..... they never really asked me what I thought about their stuff..
But they were happy to let me know what they thought about mine!

Odd. I guess it just accumulates. 
I hope some happy couple can sit on this and sip coffee
Or tea - or whatever...
And just enjoy the day!

Smoking is a real bear!
And downsizing during moving is like 2 bears.

After I was sick last week,
I decided to just start Induction all over...
All that bread and wine you would think I was a Nun
Going to communion... lol...yep... lol...
And so far, so good! 
I love how the cravings are gone... 
When you stop eating that bad stuff